EZ-MAT: Eltra Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer CS-800


The ELTRA CS-800 with induction furnace is ideally suited for the simultaneous determination of carbon and sulfur in inorganic samples. It provides quick and precise analysis results and can be used for a variety of applications.
The carbon / sulfur analyzer CS-800 is equipped with up to four independent infrared (IR) cells which allow for precise simultaneous analysis of high and low carbon and sulfur concentrations in one measurement. The sensitivity of the cells can be customized individually by selecting the length of the IR path to ensure the optimum measuring properties for each application.

Application Examples

alloys, carbides, cast iron, cement, ceramics, copper, glass, iron, minerals, ores, refractory metals, sand, steel, titanium, waste

Product Advantages

  • simultaneous carbon and sulfur determination with minimal sample preparation
  • wide range of inorganic materials can be analyzed
  • up to four independent infrared cells with flexible measuring ranges
  • optional gold IR path for analysis of halogen or acid containing samples
  • precise and quick measurement
  • powerful (2.2 kW) induction furnace for temperatures above 2,000 °C
  • automatic induction furnace cleaning
  • effective, easily accessible dust trap
  • powerful software (multilingual, customized display, export of results)
  • single and multipoint calibration
  • low maintenance
  • robust design allows usage in production control and laboratory



Measured elements                                                        


carbon, sulfur


carbon, sulfur                                                                




Furnace alignment                                                            




Sample carrier                                                                                  


ceramic crucibles


Field of application


construction materials, engineering / electronics, geology/ mining, glass / ceramics, steel / metallurgy




induction furnace, above 2,000 °C


Detection method                                                                            


solid state infrared absorption


Number of IR cells                                                                            


1 - 4


Material of IR path                                                                            


aluminum (optional gold)


Typical analysis time                                                                          


40 - 50 s


Chemicals required                                                                                          


copper oxide, magnesium perchlorate, sodium hydroxide


Gas required


compressed air (4 - 6 bar/ 60 - 90 psi)

 oxygen 99。5 % pure (2 - 4 bar / 30 - 60 psi)


Power requirements                                                                         


230 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 15 A, 3450 W


Dimensions (W x H x D)                  


55 x 80 x 60 cm




~ 110 kg


Required equipment                                                                         


balance (resolution 0.0001g), monitor, PC


Optional accessories            


Autoloader (for 36 or 130 crucibles), carrier gas purification, halogen trap, HTF-540 pre-heating furnace, voltage stabilizer 5 KVA

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