Strain/Stress and Vibration

3D High-Speed Image Correlation System (Q-450)


Vibration Analysis

The Digital 3D Image Correlation System Q-450 allows the dynamic measurement of full-field three dimensional displacements and the subsequent analysis of strains on almost any type of material and components。

Based on , the Q-450 system, as the high speed configuration of the Q-400, is designed for full-field vibration analysis and high speed deformation measurements.

E.g. airbag testing and development, fracture mechanics  and shock excitations, as well as for dynamic strain measurements, e.g. in fatigue tests.
An easy calibration procedure supports the quick setup of the system.

Dynamic Measurement Range
The system uniquely combines the high spatial resolution of full-field optical measurement with high temporal resolution. The dynamic range is from static to more than 20.000 Hz, with the capability to measure displacements from the μm-range up to several 10 cm. The resolution corresponds to 10-5 of the field of view, e.g. a few μm for A4 paper size measurement area.

Strains ranging from 100 μStrains up to several 100 percent can easily be measured。


Technical Data

Sensor Various types of sensors are available:Frame rate from 480 fps up to 6242 fps at full resolution from
800px x 600px up to 2400px x 1800px
Sensors can be equipped with up to 32 GB of on-board memory
Measuring Sensitivity:
Displacement Up to 1/100.000 of the Field of View depending on measuring conditions.
E.g. up to 1 μm displacement sensitivity at a given Field of View of 100 mm 
Strain: 0.01% local up to several 100% Strain
Control Electronic Portable Notebook Control Unit, Windows Vista or XP Professional, Integrated analogue data acquisition and recording input: 8 independent free-selectable analogue Data Acquisition Channels, 16 Bit resolution, ±  0.05 V to ± 10 V synchronized to camera triggering
Illumination High intensity white light source for high image acquisition rates or stroboscopic cold light LED Illumination system HILIS; other illumination sources on request

Software Features:

  • Unrestricted, open data format for measurement data
  • Fast and easy automated calibration procedure
  • 3D display of measured values
  • Online feedback of measuring accuracy and calibration quality
  • Selectable filtering of measurement data and free definition of reference step
  • Enhanced external and internal triggering functions
  • Convenient GUI follows Universal Guideline of Dialog and Window Frame
  • Different coordinate systems available - additionally a user defined coordinate system could be used
  • Extended export and import functionality – e。g。 STL, AVI
  • Easy post processing of data
  • Comfortable visualization and analysis


  • Customer specific illumination systems on request
  • Mounting Kit for application of Q-450 to Tensile Testing Machines
  • Tripod in different configurations
  • System maintenance and Remote User Support via Internet connection


Product flyer:
Q-450 Product Flyer
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