the 3th National Failure Analysis Competition ended successfully

2018-11-27 02:44

On November 3, 2018, the "3th National Failure Analysis Competition", which is sponsored by the Metallographic and Microscopic Analysis Branch of the Chinese Society of Stereology, was held successfully at Henan Polytechnic University. The competition attracted 26 professional colleges and universities, with more than ten research institutes and enterprises supported it. 

The competition aims to improve the scientific research level of the related students by analyzing the failure cases。 At the same time, it enhances students' ability to comprehensively apply materials science with theory and engineering knowledge to solve practical problems。 

As a special sponsor, EZ-mat attended the competition.

Material failure analysis is an emerging comprehensive discipline involving many scientific fields and technical categories. It requires failure analysis personnel to have a comprehensive theoretical foundation and rich engineering practice experience. 

In order to help participants to have a more intuitive understanding of the technical development of related instruments and equipments, EZ-mat assisted and explained the relevant metallographic and microscopic equipments。

As your trusted partner, EZ-mat is willing to share the most advanced expertise and products with you. Thank you for your participation in this early winter : )



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