The National Academic Conference on Electron Microscopy ended successfully

2018-11-27 02:30

On October 23, 2018, hosted by the China Electron Microscopy Society, the "2018 National Academic Conference on Electron Microscopy"  was grandly opened at the Chengdu Yueyue Hotel. The conference attracted more than 1,000 experts and scholars from universities, colleges, research institutes and enterprises in the field of electron microscopy. The conference aims to help people understand the cutting-edge developments in electron microscopy and related instrumentation, as well as to facilitate the exchange of basic research and applied research.


In order to enable the participants to have a more intuitive understanding of the technical development of related instruments and equipments, EZ-mat was invited to participate in the exhibition, and introduced the products and the latest development status of the EBSD pre-metallographic sample preparation solution.

The unique ooth of EZ-mat and the display equipments also attracted many college teachers and suppliers。 Although SAPHIR VIBRO does not directly involve electron microscopy, it remains the focus of the pre-order steps of the EBSD。 The efficient and gentle polishing ability as well as its simple and intelligent user interface also attracted many visitors。

As your trusted partner, EZ-mat is willing to share the most advanced expertise and products with you. Thank you for your participation in this golden autumn : )



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