Grinding & Polishing

Saphir 375

The System Grinder SAPHIR 375 is a solid free-standing unit for effective, plane grinding with a stone. 

The grinding head with central pressure is equipped for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, and optimally adjustable with variable speed and pressure. Automatic material removal monitors the removal rate and controls the dressing process.

All relevant parameters can be displayed, adjusted and saved via the clear touch-screen interface. A recirculating coolant system is integrated into the modular type aluminium construction.

Product Advantages

  • Floor model face-grinding machine with Rubin 530 with central pressure
  • Grinding head with variable speed
  • Controlled removal
  • Automatic, interval-controlled dressing
  • Touch screen user interface


Grinding stone Ø 350 mm
Grinding head speed 30 - 150 rpm
Usable coating 30 mm (ATM grinding stone)
Sample holder-Ø 160-204 mm

Controlled removal measurement(display accurancy)

0.1 mm
Connection power 7.0 kVA
Drive power grinding head 0.17 kW S1
Drive power grinding stone 4.0 kW S3/60%
Grinding stone speed 1390 rpm (400 V, 50 Hz (3Ph/N/PE))
1700 rpm (480 V, 60 Hz (3Ph/PE))
1695 rpm (220 V, 60 Hz (3Ph/PE))
W x H x D 880(1320) x 1330 x 800 mm
Weight ~ 230 kg



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