EZ-MAT: ATM Grinding & Polishing Robot SAPHIR X-Change

Fully integrated into the System Lab 2.0, the compact grinding and polishing automat SAPHIR X-Change binds together several meters of standard equipment for grinding and polishing in one unit, e. g. changer with stack for 16 grinding and polishing media, integrated dosing unit and settling tank.

The process is automated by intuitive touch-screen controls. Easy manual loosening and tightening of sample holder for central pressure simplifies the preparation process. Grinding or polishing media is automatically changed and all parameters can be adjusted directly during the process. The semi-covered working space with large panel and light-barrier provide a high safety standard.

Product Advantages

  • Grinding- and polishing system with central pressure
  • Aluminium case, powder-coated
  • Polishing head with variable speed
  • Removal measurement
  • Electronic control with touch screen
  • Automatic abrasive changer
  • Cleaning station with water, air and ethanol
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • 6-fold dosing unit (4x diamond supension, 1x lubriant, 1x fine polishing suspension)
  • Storage drawer for abrasives
  • Settling tank 45L
  • Light barrier to secure danger area



Working wheels



Ø 250 mm



Drive power



1.1 kW S3/40%



Sample holder-Ø



160 mm



Drive power polishing head



0,17 kW S1



Speed (head)



30 - 150 rpm



Speed (grinder)



50 - 600 rpm



Controlled removal measurement (display accurancy)



0。1 mm



Water connection



1x fresh water R½" max. 6 bar



Water outlet



1x waste water DN50



Compressed-air connection



6 bar。 coupling connector NG8



W x H x D



1320 x 1500 x 800 mm


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